Monday, May 12, 2008


Why Does Technology Hate Me?

So first it was my projector that died. That was a costly and annoying fix. Then last week my final VCR went to VCR heaven. I don't use it to record any more but I have loads of stuff on tape I'd like to convert to digital media at some point. Did you know the only VCRs they sell now are combo DVD players? And the VCRs don't even have tuners.

But today is the ultimate tragedy. My beloved DishPlayer 7200 malfunctioned. I got this just about eight years ago when I first got DISH network. It still has my favorite interface of all the DVRs I've ever used. I swapped out the hard drive but that wasn't the problem. It's just dead. This make me so very sad. DISH is coming on Wednesday to get me a new tuner. Hopefully HD will fill the void. I'm not confident that this will go well.


That was the most happy anyone's ever been with a Microsoft product. But sooner or later, we all sleep alone.

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