Thursday, May 08, 2008


The Great LaserDisc Transfer Project

One of the things I like to do now and then is move all the furniture out of my bedroom and do a deep, deep vacuuming. It's amazing how I can vacuum the same spot over and over and I can still get dirt out of the carpet. And the carpet feels so nice and soft after the cleaning. But in order to super clean the carpet I have move all the furniture. In doing that I run across lots of the old stuff from my life. I pulled lots of old product boxes from the closet and recycled them. I boxed up all my CD as I will never need the hard copy of those again. Under the bed I found a very old artifact: a LaserDisc.

I was always an early adopter of video technology. I'm approaching eight years with my first DVR. I had a kick ass flying erase head VCR in college. And I also had a LaserDisc player. I only knew one other person who had one, my friend Craig. My happy LaserDisc player has been sitting silently on the floor of my living room since I moved into 1717. I have never plugged it in before today. Today I decided to start a new project I'll be working on for a long time. I call it the Great LaserDisc Transfer Project. I'm going to be slowly uploading the discs from the LD player to my MacBook, compress them, and save them on my hard drive. Some of them I may burn to DVD.

I have a big box of LaserDiscs in the garage I haven't open it since I last moved it from my storage unit. This project is going to take a while. First up, Dances With Wolves directors cut. It's like five hours long. My goal is one a month.


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