Saturday, April 05, 2008


The Ships of Lights

I watched the premier of Battlestar Galatica twice last night. I watched the east coast feed at 7:00 at home and then went over to Chris and Jeff's for a big viewing party at 10:00. I really love the direction of Baltar's character this season. He's being built up to be a Christ-like character. We all know that had a happy ending. Apollo is keeping out of the cockpit this season. I'm happy because he looks hot in pin-stripes. Of course the final four Cylons have stuff to deal with. But the return of Starbuck is the biggest mystery. She is missing time, missing memories, and flying a brand new ship.

When you look at the original series, there's one big story that has yet to have any parallels in the new series. That was a two part episode called "The War of the Gods". The Ship of Lights was the home of the angel like beings who were called the guardians of the universe. They would abduct our favorite characters and turn their uniforms white. When they returned to the fleet, they had no memory of them but they knew a little more information on how to find Earth. Also they brought Apollo back to life after being killed by the mysterious Count Iblis. This sounds surprisingly like Kara's recent experience. I think it would be very cool to never see the Ship of Lights directly, just the mysteries they leave behind.

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