Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Sandcastles in the Sand

HIMYM is proving to be the solid second best comedy on TV right now. They can't beat 30 Rock with Debra vs Deborah on MILF Island or the Subway Hero. We will be quoting that show for decades. "Love means going to Burger King to poop." Last night How I Met Your Mother had the hilarious follow up to Let's Go to the Mall by Robin Sparkles from last season. This time it was Sandcastles in the Sand, a great spoof of crappy breakup songs. Special guests James Van Der Beek, Alan Thicke, and Tiffany. Check it out at http://www.myspace.com/RobinSparkles or here:

More surprising was the hook-up between Barney and Robin at the end. I was not expecting that.


I was going to text you "Sandcastles in the Sand" last night but it was late and I thought you might be asleep!
Also it was bizarre that the video was about what happened and I highly doubt that video would have been made like that after what happened happened. Know what I mean?
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