Thursday, April 10, 2008


No TV and No Beer Makes Daniel Something Something

I have a great TV. It is the best TV I've ever seen. I've been to people's homes who have significantly more money than I do and their TVs suck compared to mine. It's just great. And it should be since it cost more than my car. Thus it also makes sense that it costs more to service each year than it costs to service my car. I knew it was getting time to change the projector bulb because it takes longer to get to full brightness when I start it up. On Monday I was watching King of the Hill and I heard the dreaded snap from above and the picture went out. I ordered a new bulb and hopefully it will arrive in a week or so and I'll have my TV again. I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship. It hurts me and then when I see how clear the picture is, we make up again. I love you Runco VX-1CX!


Have you tried the energy efficient bulbs they sell at Costco?

Once Cousin Edgar broke Richard's Runco brand projector and he flipped. He sent Cousin Edgar to Promises because of that.
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