Friday, April 25, 2008


30 Rock Goes Plate Glass

There are certain types of humor that's easy to do. Nannyisms is one that comes to mind. That's when you immediately contradict some you just said. If you watch any episode of the show The Nanny you will see this kind of dialog.

That's a classic Nannyism. Another cheap sitcom trick is Plate Glass Window Humor. That's when a character points out the fabulous new plate glass window that was just installed. Moments later Urkel crashes through it on his new Segway. Wa-wa. Here's a good example of Plate Glass Humor used ironically in The Simpsons:

But last night 30 Rock used a variation of Plate Glass Humor I call "The Dead Executive." It starts like this.

Then the executive dies. Or in 30 Rock's case, he slipped into a coma. It was a funny episode otherwise.


"I'm off of men for good. I just can't stand them!"

"My brother just got divorced and he's cute."

"Give me his number!!!"
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