Friday, April 25, 2008


30 Rock Goes Plate Glass

There are certain types of humor that's easy to do. Nannyisms is one that comes to mind. That's when you immediately contradict some you just said. If you watch any episode of the show The Nanny you will see this kind of dialog.

That's a classic Nannyism. Another cheap sitcom trick is Plate Glass Window Humor. That's when a character points out the fabulous new plate glass window that was just installed. Moments later Urkel crashes through it on his new Segway. Wa-wa. Here's a good example of Plate Glass Humor used ironically in The Simpsons:

But last night 30 Rock used a variation of Plate Glass Humor I call "The Dead Executive." It starts like this.

Then the executive dies. Or in 30 Rock's case, he slipped into a coma. It was a funny episode otherwise.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Sandcastles in the Sand

HIMYM is proving to be the solid second best comedy on TV right now. They can't beat 30 Rock with Debra vs Deborah on MILF Island or the Subway Hero. We will be quoting that show for decades. "Love means going to Burger King to poop." Last night How I Met Your Mother had the hilarious follow up to Let's Go to the Mall by Robin Sparkles from last season. This time it was Sandcastles in the Sand, a great spoof of crappy breakup songs. Special guests James Van Der Beek, Alan Thicke, and Tiffany. Check it out at or here:

More surprising was the hook-up between Barney and Robin at the end. I was not expecting that.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm Always Right and You Never Believe Me

Yesterday I was having lunch with FoDtvB, Sean. He was claiming how predictable LOST has been this season. I disagree, but maybe because I'm on my third glass of wine by the time it starts. I'm a big alcoholic these days. But it is true how predictable TV can be if you look for it. Last summer I watched a bunch of Eureka episodes. The pattern becomes really obvious really quick. It's always the person/technology/experiment that was mentioned in the first act which seems to have nothing to do with the story that is responsible for the current madness, like the dry cleaner or the weather forcaster.

I've been catching up on Medium and that show is really predictable. Why is she dreaming about a dentist killing a hooker when she working on a case of a man accused of killing his wife and burning her corpse? Duh, the dentist altered the hookers dental work to fake the women's death. That was a two parter and I figured it out half way through part 1. Another two parter had Allison dreaming of a girl kidnapped 10 years ago and held in the basement with a second woman. The only problem is, the other girl was never missing according to her mother. Duh, the other young women was in on the kidnapping. I shouldn't had fast forwarded through part 2 of that one. Then there was the cougar narrating her murders in Allison's dreams but the detective says the killer was really strong and not likely a women. I guessed it was a gay man using the cougar's book to seduce and kill straight guys and I was right. I was a little amazed that I guess that one right. Anyway, Allison is always right and no one ever believes her, just like in this great episode of MADtv:


Friday, April 11, 2008


I'm Sexy

I had some fun this morning with the TV Guide website.


Thursday, April 10, 2008


No TV and No Beer Makes Daniel Something Something

I have a great TV. It is the best TV I've ever seen. I've been to people's homes who have significantly more money than I do and their TVs suck compared to mine. It's just great. And it should be since it cost more than my car. Thus it also makes sense that it costs more to service each year than it costs to service my car. I knew it was getting time to change the projector bulb because it takes longer to get to full brightness when I start it up. On Monday I was watching King of the Hill and I heard the dreaded snap from above and the picture went out. I ordered a new bulb and hopefully it will arrive in a week or so and I'll have my TV again. I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship. It hurts me and then when I see how clear the picture is, we make up again. I love you Runco VX-1CX!


Saturday, April 05, 2008


The Ships of Lights

I watched the premier of Battlestar Galatica twice last night. I watched the east coast feed at 7:00 at home and then went over to Chris and Jeff's for a big viewing party at 10:00. I really love the direction of Baltar's character this season. He's being built up to be a Christ-like character. We all know that had a happy ending. Apollo is keeping out of the cockpit this season. I'm happy because he looks hot in pin-stripes. Of course the final four Cylons have stuff to deal with. But the return of Starbuck is the biggest mystery. She is missing time, missing memories, and flying a brand new ship.

When you look at the original series, there's one big story that has yet to have any parallels in the new series. That was a two part episode called "The War of the Gods". The Ship of Lights was the home of the angel like beings who were called the guardians of the universe. They would abduct our favorite characters and turn their uniforms white. When they returned to the fleet, they had no memory of them but they knew a little more information on how to find Earth. Also they brought Apollo back to life after being killed by the mysterious Count Iblis. This sounds surprisingly like Kara's recent experience. I think it would be very cool to never see the Ship of Lights directly, just the mysteries they leave behind.

Friday, April 04, 2008


In Space, Everyone is Really Hot

Battlestar Galactica returns tonight for it's fourth and final season. The good news is they will tie up all the storyline and find Earth this season. The bad news is they are only showing ten episodes in this block and episodes 11-20 have not yet been scheduled. We can hope for the fall but who knows. Season 3 was amazing. We ended with the acquittal of Gais Baltar, the revelation that four characters were in fact Cylons, the advancing of several Cylon base ships, and the not unexpected return from the dead of Starbuck. If that wasn't enough to love this show, almost everyone on the show is extremely hot.

The hottest man in Sci Fi is Sam Anders, Starbuck's estranged husband. I'm completely in love with him. He's tall and ripped and gorgeous. The best thing is the fact that he's a Cylon. That means if he dies, he will be back. The second hottest man in Sci Fi is Lee "Apollo" Adama. He is one of those people who is so good looking it's not fair to the rest of the us.

I don't know what to expect from season 4 but I know it will be great. I've been looking forward to this for over a year now. I die a little inside each week there's no new episode. The return is a little fountain of youth in my life. At least for ten weeks.


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