Monday, March 31, 2008


LOST 4.08: Even Ugly Fat Bad Guys Need Love Too

This was another unique format for flashback. This time it was one continuous story being told by Michael/Kevin to Desmond and Sayid. The timeline for the flashback is kinda odd mostly with regard to Tom. Tom was at the Hydra station and later at Otherville before being killed on the beach by Sawyer. Getting off the island to NYC and back can not be a quick trip even if they didn't use the sub which got destroyed by Locke. How did he do it? Maybe he used he secret gay powers. I'd like to point out that I first hypothesized he was gay back in episode 3.01. But he's dead now so I guess it doesn't matter. From the previews of the last five episodes it looks like a lot more people are going to die in the war between Ben and Widmore.

Here's more stuff we learned:
And new questions:
We got over three weeks until the next episode.

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