Saturday, February 02, 2008


LOST 4.01: Never Say Never, Dude

LOST is back and I couldn't be happier. Even though we only get eight episodes this season, they are going to be great and not to be missed. LOST started the week I moved to my new house. After watching the first episode I wanted to be frozen in Carbonite for seven years so I could watch the entire series at once. But I've decided it is much more fun to watch them as they come out. This way I dwell on each episode for a week or more before watching the next one.

We were not disappointed with a shocking misdirect in the opening sequence. The opening of season 2 was Desmond in the hatch. Who was it? Is it a character in flashback? It was a great way to set up the story of the season. In season 3 Juliet's book club meeting opened the show. Who is she? Is she a character in someone's flashback? It was a great way to set up the Others story which was the core of season 3. Season 4 opened with a flash forward. Who is in the speeding car? Is it Kate? Is it Sawyer? No it's Hurley. And something is making him kinda crazy. Maybe we shall find out this season. Anyway here's what we learned:

And new questions:

BTW, this episode had the best ratings of an episode since the fall of 2006.


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