Thursday, February 28, 2008


I Remember the Poker Chips

I just watched Saturday's episode of Torchwood. WAIT, don't stop reading! I'm going to tie this into a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode and a hilarious story from my wild college years. Anyway, the Torchwood episode was about an alien who feed off of changing and exploiting people's memories. I was reminded of an episode of ST:TNG called Violations. "Violation!" In that episode Troi was telepathically molested by an alien making her remember a sexual encounter with Riker, which he then changed for his own pleasure. The memory began at the end of one their silly poker games and Troi spills the poker chips on the floor... and the sexiness ensues. Back when this was on, my college card group would constantly (and I mean constantly) replicate this scene by spilling the poker chips during a staged fall. We found it hilarious. Well Sean and I did. I think Mike did, too. Beth, on the other hand barely tolerated our shenanigans. Picking up poker chips was still more fun than watching Nancy Kerigan win the Silver in Lillehamer, which happened the same month that "Violations" first aired. This is about as an exciting a Saturday night I would have during college. I didn't drink until I was 28.

I would have asked the alien to include me in Jack and Ianto's measuring 'he-nanigans. I would have dropped the tape and then the sexiness would ensue.

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