Sunday, February 03, 2008


The Big Game

The "Big Game" is on today. I've decided not to call it the Super Bowl anymore since they only let approved sponsors call it that and I'm not an approved sponsor. So here is my list of reasons not to watch the game this year.
  1. New York sports fans are dicks. People from NY think everyone cares about their teams and we simply do not. In fact most of the country hates New Yorkers.
  2. Boston sports fans are bigger dicks. These guys are on step away from British soccer holigans. I don't know why they are so self important. And why do they call themselves the "New England" Patriots. Yet another reason they are dicks.
  3. Jordin Sparks is singing the National Anthem. She will never be a big star so Fox should just stop trying. She is a cruise ship and theme park singer at best.
  4. The "Big Game" commercials will be on You Tube. And they haven't been very good in a long time anyway. Once upon a time every commercial was a gem, now there might be one or two worth talking about in the entire collection.
The possibility of having an undefeated season for the Patriots is the only reason anyone is going to keep watching past half time. I say watch the Mythbusters marathon on the Discovery Channel.

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