Friday, January 11, 2008


So Many Different Types of Sparrows!

My TiVo picked up a surprise new episode of 30 Rock last night. And what a wonderful way to end the season, possibly. I think anything said in a German accent is funny. All the storylines were great: Liz and The Board ("I bought a black apartment!"), Kenny and coffee ("it's the devil's temperature"), The Germans ("Hubcap?"), Jack and CC ("I missed a vote on recreational whale torture"), and it all culminated in a Midnight Train to Georgia song and dance number with the entire cast. I think every television show needs to break out in song for no reason at least once a season.

I had thought 30 Rock had run out their new episodes made before the writer's strike so I was surprised by a new episode in addition to a new Earl and Ugly Betty. I found a list on wikipedia which list the number of new episodes left of currently running shows. Here is a select list. I did not include any shows that haven't start their season yet.

Dirty Sexy Money - 3 of 13 prodcued remain to air
Samantha Who? - 3 of 12 remain
Ugly Betty - 2 of 13 remain
Reaper - 2 of 13 remain
Smallville - 6 of 15 remain
American Dad - 15 of 22 remain
King of the Hill - 1 of 22
Prison Break - 5 of 13 episodes
The Simpsons - 12 of 22
Chuck - 2 of 13 remain and will air on 01/24/08
Medium - 8 of 9 remain, started on Monday
Scrubs - 4 of 12 remain, series finale may be direct to DVD
Psych - 6 of 16 episodes return tonight on USA

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