Saturday, January 12, 2008


Daniel's Award Show Wish

I'll jump to the end, I got my Award Show Wish. I hate award shows. I stopped watching them in high school when I realized they were a huge waste of time. I could just watch the news and read the paper and get the results. Now of course I check the Internet. What I've always wanted was just a news conference where they announce the winners in the same fashion they announce the nominees. But most people like them, for some reason, and so we have these huge waste of time shows several times a year.

Then came the writer's strike. Even though some of the worst writing on television is on these award ceremonies, the big ones are still written by the members of the WGA. Last week they announced they will be picketing the show so it's been cancelled. In its place NBC will air the press conference announcement of the winners after a special 2 hour Dateline NBC with special commentary Kathy Griffin.

And still, I won't be watching. I'll be TiVo'ing the Sara Conner Chronicles downstairs and The Amazing Race upstairs. But good for Kathy Griffin.

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