Thursday, December 13, 2007


Wonder-wonder-wonder Falls

I love Pushing Daisies. It is the best new show of the fall. It’s not just that it is a fun and quirky detective show. It’s all the other absurdities. Like the car the runs on dandelions. Or the aunts who were synchronized swimmers. Or the windmill village. Or the pop-up book store. So I love this show and it got picked up for a full season. Although with the writer’s strike that could be only nine episodes. Last night was the last new episode until the strike is over. There was a surprising twist revealed at the end which was obviously planned from the onset of the show. Dana Delany said on The View this week that Marc Cherry is confident the strike will be over by Monday. Let’s hope.

Since I love Pushing Daisies so much and so immediately, I checked out the other shows created by its creator, Bryan Fuller. Dead Like Me ran for two seasons and is currently in my Netflix queue. The short lived Wonderfalls only had 13 episodes and was fantastic. I think the main reason that show didn’t make it was due to unrealized expectations. That show appeared to be about a girl who inanimate objects would talk to and tell her to do things. This is true, but the show was about much more. The more was her crazy family, including Pushing Daisies Lee Pace as Jaye’s brother. The stuff would tell her to do stuff which would lead her to misadventures with her family. After only a few episodes these incredibly rich characters were starting to overshadow the Wax Lions and Barrel Bears. I don’t think FOX ever understood the show and they cancelled it after four episodes. Luckily all 13 are available on DVD. Be sure to watch the finale episode opening credits with the commentary track to hear several of the cast members singing along with the theme song, “I Wonder Why the Wonder Falls.”

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