Friday, December 28, 2007


Pushing Daisies - As Good the Second Time Around

I watched a repeat of Pushing Daisies 1.02: Dummy and it is still enjoyable the second time around. The second episode set the standard for the crazy world they live in, where cars run on dandy lions and Olive hears music in her head.

This episode was what I call a "Cookie Episode". A Cookie Episode is the direct opposite of a Jumped the Shark episode. It's the moment a show goes from a show you watch and enjoy to your favorite show. These are very precious. The Simpsons episode 21, Bart the Daredevil was that episode for that show. The very first episode of LOST was a Cookie Episode. Motherboy XXX was the Arrested Development episode that had me hooked for life. Sadly it's life was only 53 episodes.

But the origin of the term Cookie Episode comes from episode 3.20 of Remington Steele called Steele in the Chips. Remington and Laura (with guest star the then unknown Geena Davis) invest the death of a cookie maker who made the most advanced diet cookies before his murder. Ray Romano's mom eats most of them with extreme guilt not knowing she wasn't cheating on her diet. The episode was the classic madcap pursuit episode as the characters ran all over trying to find the cookies. Easily the best episode of the series.

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I love it when she sings. I want her to sing in every episode. I first saw Kristen Chenowith in the remake of The Music Man (also starring Molly Shannon) and fell in love with her right then and there.

I love that song, and I love the shots from the ceiling and how she's dancing with the dog. It's absolutely wonderfully creative.
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