Monday, December 31, 2007


Free Music in 15 Minutes

I've recently come up with the most complicated way to steal music from the Internet. The music industry people are dicks and I'm tired of their bullshit. Even though the recent news that they are trying to make it illegal to rip your own music from CDs to your computer for your own use ended up being false (story here) they still don't play nice with their customers. With the demise of Napster and, where is one to find free/cheap music? I've come up with a way. It requires YouTube and Mac with iLife.

Step 1, install and run TubeTV.
It is freeware. It is a nifty little program that you can use to copy videos from YouTube. This is how I justify talking about this on my TV blog. I picked the early 90s song Unbelievable by EMF to test this out. It ranked #98 on VH1's top 100 songs of the 90s. It took about 3 & 1/2 minutes to download this to my desktop.
Step 2, extract the audio. Using iMovie, import the m4v file to a new movie project. Drag the clip to the project area. Under advanced menu, select Extract Audio. When this is done, drag the audio segment to you desktop. Total time importing, extracting, and exporting, about 5 & 1/2 minutes.
Step 3, create playable file. The extracted audio is some weird aiff file type. Open GarageBand and drag the extracted audio file to your new project. Trim off any blank space at the start or end of the file. Click Share-Save Song to Disk. You can save it as a mp3 or m4a file.
Step 4, add to iTunes. Drag the file into your iTunes library. Open the song options to change the song name, artist name, album name, year, genre, and track number. This information is almost certainly available on Wikipedia.

Your done! In less than 15 minutes you have a completely free song ready to upload to you iPhone or iPod. You don't have to deal with BitTorrent, which I can never get to work right anyway. Of course it isn't great quality, but if you cared about quality you'd go by the CD. This also works as a way to unlock protected files. Add your m4p file to an iMovie project and share it out as a full quality movie file *.dv. Then start back on step 2.

When I was in high school I used to keep a blank tape in the tape deck of my stereo in case a song I liked came on. Later, Napster and the KaZaZ and similar services allowed me to get songs without paying for them. I never used Napster but I didn't use KaZaA. My roommate downloaded so many viruses through this website on my computer. I'm amazed at his ability to find viruses. Most of these songs I really like I've since bought through iTunes. I had a bunch of CDs stolen about 5 years ago. I used the Russian mafia online mp3 store (which has since shut down) to replace most of these. I paid for them once so I don't have any problem with replacing them through less than conventional channels. Now in 2007 I spent more on music than any year in recent memory. I bought nearly 200 songs off iTunes. But occasionally you just want to listen to a song a couple times and then delete it, or have one on a party mix for single use. Here's how I do it.


The hitch is that most YouTube audio is in mono rather than stereo. I think it's nice to preview a few videos before purchasing them from iTunes. Also, the size of the video files from TubeTV is smaller than what you'd get from iTunes.
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