Tuesday, November 20, 2007


E! True Hollywood Story

Since The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report have been dark due to the writers strike, I needed something to watch in the morning while I'm getting ready. I have settled nicely into E! True Hollywood Story. Since there are more than 300 episodes it will take a while for me to see them all. And I really think they update the older ones with current news so they don't seem stale. I put E! True Hollywood Story on my TiVo to catch Kathy Griffin's episode. I've watched about a dozen episodes now including: Bobby and Whitney, Ellen Degenerous, Mary Kay Letourneau, Demi Moore, Ty Pennington (only 30 mins, he needs to drink and drive some more), Jonbenet Ramsey, Laci Petterson, and Robert Downey, Jr. The thing I love is the starting, "This is the true story of [insert name], the E! True Hollywood Story." They don't do that in the newer episodes.

I was a little confused as why high profile murders and crimes outside of Hollywood get a True Hollywood Story. But these stories get so much press they become part of the collective entertainment for the country so I think they fit. Plus Scott Peterson is hot! Too bad he killed his wife.

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