Saturday, November 17, 2007


Best Week Ever 11-16-07

It is not so much a "who" had the best week ever this week, but a "what" and that what was Moral Bankruptcy. It's all about this viral video call Two Girls One Cup which is so horrible to believe. People are making reaction videos to watching the horrible thing. I thought I would get into the action. I only made it through 22 seconds of the video. Don't ever watch the video. Here's me watching it:

Last Week Midget Mac from I Love New York 2 had the best week ever. Here's his audition video, I think:

And on 10/26, Newshunk Anderson Cooper had the best week ever.
Here's what Kathy Griffin thinks of Anderson Cooper:


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You look really cute in your reaction. The cat was a great finishing touch!
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