Monday, October 22, 2007


Open Your Pie Hole

Returning from vacation is never fun. But one of the things that eases me back into normal life is a TiVo stuft full of TV goodness. With so many choices what did I watch first? My favorite new show of the fall, Pushing Daisies.

Usually I don't like the show which all the critic love. But Pushing Daisies is such a wonderful mix of dark humor and whimsy it's hard not to love it. It's got the funniest narration since Ron Howard on Arrested Development. The sets are completely over-the-top and colorful and just wonderful. The main hang out for the characters is the pie shop called "The Pie Hole". I just love this show. So what is it about? The Pie Maker has a unique "Heroes" ability to bring people back from the dead with a touch. But there are consequences so he's got to be careful. Like any show, it is really the characters. And the characters are wonderful. I could go on but I want to go watch two episodes of Heroes.


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