Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Buy More vs. The Work Bench

The new shows Chuck and Reaper have a lot in common. They both are about an underachiever who works at a big box store. Chuck works are Buy More (a Best Buy clone) and Sam on Reaper works at The Work Bench (a Home Depot clone). Both are reluctant heroes working unbelievable second jobs. Chuck fights terrorists thanks to the government database downloaded into his brain. Sam fights escapes souls and sends them back to hell, via the DMV. And both have hot girls they are trying to impress that work with them, either in their cover jobs or their secret jobs.

But the thing I like is that both of these stores are becoming a character themselves completely necessary to the show. Sam uses the many hardware and sporting goods items in the store in his effort to fight the powerful escaped souls. Chuck and his government agent buddies find interesting uses for the Buy More such as using the home theater room to test Chuck's stored knowledge.

Both shows are great. I hope they catch on.

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I like both shows too, though I think right now I like Chuck better overall. Though Reaper has a lot more humor. I noticed as I was watching Reaper last night, I was starting to merge the two shows together. Hmmm, would the name of the merged shows be "Cheaper"?
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