Friday, September 14, 2007


What new shows I'm NOT watching this fall

There's a bunch of new shows this year that I don't plan on watching. Here is the list. If you think I should be watching one of these, let me know.

NASHVILLE (FOX) - American Idol meets Real World meets Country Music. Eww

KID NATION (CBS) - Let's all violate child labor laws. Yay!

BACK TO YOU (FOX) - Although it has great stars, I'm not interest in a sitcom about two people who hate each other and then fall in love or something.

KITCHEN NIGHTMARES (FOX) - How many cooking reality show have there been? I won't watch this one either.

ONLINE NATION (CW) - If something is good online that is were I'll watch it, not on TV.

THE BIG BANG THEORY (CBS) - TiVo gave me the pilot on-demand somehow. It looks good but there are other things in this time slot so this gets the ax.

CANE (CBS) - Family drama staring Jimmy Smits. It's the first family drama with a Latino family. I'm just not interested.

PRIVATE PRACTICE (ABC) - It's the most anticipated new show of the season. I'm not watching it but I think it will be very successful. I think it will outshine Grey's Anatomy.

BIG SHOTS (ABC) - Four CEOs in New York. If one was gay I'd watch but it just looks uninteresting as is.

MOONLIGHT (CBS) - It's a show about a vampire detective and it's not Angel. I won't watch a vampire show or movie unless it takes place in the Buffy-verse.

ALIENS IN AMERICA (CW) - A sitcom with a Pakistani exchange student living with a family. Don't exchange students usually leave after a year? How can the sustain this premise? I won't be around to find out.

CAVEMEN (ABC) - The Gieco commercials cavemen get their own show. Cavemen, really?

CARPOOLERS (ABC) - This looks good but I don't have time in my schedule for this. Four guys carpool to work together and discuss their lives. I think this could be very successful.

LIFE IS WILD (CW) - It's the Brady Bunch moves to Africa. NY vet moves his wife, children, and step-children to a game reserve in Africa. It sounds like something that should be on ABC Family.

WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB (ABC) - It's Law and Order:CSI with women.

CASHMERE MAFIA (ABC) - This Sex and the City clone follows four women as they navigate their lives and careers in NYC. Just like Sex and the City except it will be lame. This has my vote for first cancelled show.


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