Monday, September 24, 2007


Premier Week

When I was a kid, the new fall shows all started the last two weeks of September. It was a wonderful treat to overcome the harsh reality of back-to-school. Recently, there hasn't really been a concept of premier week. Shows would start from late August until early November. Lame. The good news is this year Premier Week is back, baby. Last night was the official kick off with new episodes of the Simpsons and Family Guy (which I haven't watched yet) and it continues all week until next Sunday with the return of Desperate Housewives. A few shows started last week and a few start next week, but most of the magic of television happens this week.

Don't miss Chuck and Heroes tonight on NBC and How I Met Your Mother on CBS.


it's interesting that premiere week has a little less meaning for me with new technological advances
1. Chuck and Heroes will be rebroadcast later on sci-fi, so I don't have to watch/record
2. I was recording the last two episodes of this season's Doctor Who, so I could not record the former.
3. With NBC, there is a good chance I can also later catch these two shows online, avoiding tv/tivo altogether.
Hmmmm...maybe too much tv in my life?
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