Thursday, August 30, 2007


Chelsea Lately

I was recently turned onto a new show on E called Chelsea Lately. This is a late night talk show which focuses on pop culture. If you are still sad over Rosie's departure from The View and you can't wait for the Show Biz show to come back (who knows when that will be) and Best Week Ever is just not enough for you, tune into Chelsea Lately.

The format is really simple. First she has a very brief monologue. Then she and three guest panelist talk about current celebrity news. Finally she has a guest on to plug something. The show is just a half hour so it doesn't drag on like Jay or Conan. Recently, guest Bai Ling (Jack's crazy tattoo lady) was on talking about Angelina Jolie. Her English isn't very good and Chelsea and the other panelist were trying to figure out if she just said she and A-Jo had ever been together, if you know what I mean. Bai didn't know what that meant. Here's the transcript:

Chelsea: Is "good friends" code for bumping uglies? Be honest.
Bai: What's that?
Chelsea: Is "good friends" code for: you went around her hot pocket and said "hi!"?
Bai: I don't really understand that.
Chelsea: Did you ever have sexual relations with Angelina Jolie?
Bai: That's very private...
Chelsea: No one will see this, it's just between us four.

Chelsea is a very funny comedienne. She's also very self deprecating often calling herself an alcoholic and very promiscuous. I look forward to many funny episodes with her.

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