Monday, July 16, 2007


World Series of Pop Culture

And speaking of VH1, this week continues with the best quiz show ever, The World Series of Pop Culture. The quarter finals round start tonight and conclude with the finale on Thursday or Friday or something. I watched a bunch of the first round episodes yesterday while hiding in my house. The world is scary sometimes. There is pathetically little eye candy on this show. Of the few hot guys, Lucien Eldred (pictured) from Almost Perfect Strangers 2.0 is my favorite. This team is made up of people who got the best scores on the online test and were put together in a team. Last year's APS came in second. This year I think the team names are a little more inventive than last year. My favorite team name is Team Motherboy. Next time they face off with Team Wocka Wocka, maybe tonight. I can't be bothered to do any research for you.

I assume Team Wocka Wocka is a reference to Pac-Man?

We had to make up pseudo raps one time in music class. It was more like "choose four people, a theme, four rhythmic chants, and make a rap".

I chose Pac-Man as the theme. One of the chants was "wocka wocka", I think another was "eat the dots, eat the dots" I think another was the woo-oo (the siren sound that's made when you we eat a power pill. I can't remember what else.

I was in 5th grade, so don't judge.
I have huge crush on Lucien Eldred! Argh, wish he has a website!
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