Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I Love VH1: Part 2: News and Documentaries

Everyone knows of my love for VH1's weekly pop culture news show, Best Week Ever. But VH1 also has many other documentary type shows such as The Fabulous Life. Just like the great of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous this show, this show takes the viewer around the world at the most over-the-top lifestyles. It might be about specific individuals like Britney, Donald, or Diddy. Or it might be about areas like last weeks Hamptons show. Or it might be about a group of people like this weeks Wall Street Ballers. What is a baller anyway? Some other great documentaries I can remember enjoying are My Coolest Years, where D-List stars talk about their high school years; The Drug Years, a rather sober look at the evolution of drug use and the war on drugs; and one of my favorites, Celebrity Eye Candy, a show that glorify the photos and videos taken by the stalkarazzi.

I don't include the "I Love the..." shows since those aren't so much about current events. They are in a category of their own. New episodes of The Fabulous Life are on Thursday night but run all throughout the weekend. They have a spin-off show also called The Fabulous Life Presents: My Big Fat Fab Wedding. This is kind of like My Super Sweet Sixteen, but for weddings.

According to the urban dictionary:

Baller: A thug that has "made it" to the big time. Originally refered ball players that made it out of the streets to make millions as a pro ball player, but now is used to describe any thug that is living large.
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