Monday, June 11, 2007


Secret Shame

I love all types of TV, good TV like LOST and also bad TV. I have several shows I watch but don't talk too much about. I enjoy Days of Our Lives. I can watch an entire week in an hour. With soaps you only need to watch the first five minutes and the last ten minutes to get the entire idea of what is going on. If it's a big Sammy episode, I'll usually watch more. She's great. I also watch the View. In fact I'm watching Friday's episode with Kathy Griffin right now. But I have a bigger secret shame show (SSS): Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School.

This show is a spin-off of Flavor of Love which was a spin-off of Strange Love which was a spin-off of The Surreal Life season 3. And Flavor of Love also spawned I Love New York. VH1 hit a gold mine when they picked up The Surreal Life after The WB cancelled in.

Let me tell you that these girls are crazy! All of them are rejects from Flavor of Love season 1 and season 2. Each week they are put through a different scenario to help them be a better person. They went through a boot camp, they donated clothing, they were taught how to give interviews and how to debate. And yet each week someone manages to make a complete fool of themselves. Unlike other reality competition shows, this show is actually trying to help these women be better people. Yet they fall back on their old habits and fail themselves. And it is hilarious. Plus they put them in little school girl outfits and straight guys love that.

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