Thursday, June 14, 2007


Lil' Bush

I wasn't expecting to like Lil' Bush last night on Comedy Central. It looked like a one joke show with caricature of people I despise. But I liked it. First you have to get over the strangeness of the whole thing. It's current times, but all the people are kids. And it seems like Daddy Bush is still president. That doesn't matter because it's the characters that make this show funny. Lil' Bush is always getting into trouble with his friends. Lil' Cheney is the Kenny of the group not saying anything understandable. Oh, and he kills lots of people and animals. Lil' Condi is in love with Lil' George but he doesn't even notice her. But she does get her first kiss from Lil' Lesbian Hillary. Lil' Bill is getting busy with the Lewinsky Twins. Then there's sad Lil' Rummy who is always talking about getting beat up by his dad. Child abuse is not funny, unless it is happening to Donald Rumsfeld, then it's hilarious. I hate him. Lil' Jeb seems to be retarded. Also at the school is Lil' Mark Foley who is busy text messaging. I'm going to watch the first season, which is only six episodes. I doubt it will get a second. It's no South Park or Drawn Together.

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