Thursday, June 07, 2007


Jericho Back from Annihilation?

I have to admit I was very happy that Jericho was cancelled. Last year it took the place of Smallville as the show I love to hate but just can't stop watching. With Smallville, it wasn't the Superman or Kryptonite mutants that I found unbelievable, it was the fact that no one used cell phones, Clark was way too old in the first season, and the ever shrinking distance between Smallville and Metropolis. With Jericho, it wasn't the unlikely event of nuclear holocaust that I find hard to believe. It's not the fact that the whole thing was home grown terror. It's the complete breakdown of society which I find hard to believe. And why was there an EMP days after the explosions? And they've greatly underestimated what a remote town the five thousand would have, like a high school and a regional airport. In a town of 5000, they could have put up a resistance with at least 1000 people, yet they only have 50. And how could all the countless military bases be unavailable that the Army has to set up a tent city in Nebraska? But the canvass has been great for story telling. In the finale, New Bern, the home of the nearest Costco, declared war on Jericho. Mayor Dad was killed in the attack on one of the farms. In the end that Army came to the rescue, but only because they wanted to get the ex-CIA guy who knows too much. The series end with a shot of a new American Flag with only 24 stars.

Or did it? CBS has been inundated with letters from fans that they are likely going to bring it back as a mid-season replacement. Since the show runner has moved on, there is a possibility it would be much better. Irregardless, they would tie up the loose ends from the finale last month. I hate when shows end with loose ends. I think network should be obligated to tie up show with at least a TV movie after a show has been cancelled with a big question mark hanging over it.

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