Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Everyone Can Suck It

Every gay boys favorite comedienne starts the new season of her show tonight: Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List. Yesterday she appeared on The View for the second time since Rosie left. I haven't have time to watch it all yet, but it couldn't have been better than her 5/24 appearance. This afternoon there is a season 2 D-List marathon. So if you are at home all day, you could enjoy this. Then tonight is the premier of Kathy's new comedy special, Everyone Can Suck It, followed by the start of season 3 of Life on the D-List. This year she's single and dating. I can't wait!

Hey Daniel,

Kathy will be at the Paramount on Saturday, November 17th. It will probably interfere with Housaversary & CAMPer's Thanksgiving, but I think Kathy is worth it!
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