Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Cartoon Flashback: The Terrible Thunderlizards

Today I was suddenly reminded of one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons, The Terrible Thunder Lizards. This was from the mid 90s and one of the last set of original network cartoons for children before they all went cable. I went on YouTube and happened to find my most favorite episode. The horrible ex and I watched this when it was first on and talked and laughed about it for years and years.

If you haven't ever heard of this show, let me set it up. The modern dinosaur society is worried about the two newly evolved humans so they send the Terrible Thunder Lizards to kill them. Since it's a childrens show, all there weaponry is bee based. Bee guns, bee grenades, bee bombs. One of the Thunderlizards shouts out, "Destroy them all, let the archaeologists sort it out!" in every episode. Of course they Thunderlizards fail in their quest each episode.

The humans are Scooter and Bill. Bill looks, sounds, and acts not unlike Squidward. Scooter is his easy going companion who is always trying to invent things. This episode is the best since he almost invents the automobile and then invents the useless parts of air travel.

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