Monday, May 14, 2007


NBC Fall Schedule 2007

One of the best things about May is the release of the new fall schedules. Today NBC released their up fronts. Tomorrow is ABC, then CBS on Wednesday, and Fox and CW on Thursday. Hooray! Here's the new shows NBC has to offer:

Lipstick Jungle - It's the old smart-women-in-a-fashion-magazine show again. But this time it's a drama and more Sex and the City. We had enough of these in the 90's. The good news: Kim Raver is starring. The bad news: Kim Raver is starring which means she won't be on 24 next season either.
The Journeyman - It sounds like a new version of Quantum Leap. Except this time, he's a reporter.
Chuck - A computer hacker accidentally gets all kinds of government secrets downloaded into his brain and becomes a new secret agent. The best news: super hot Adam Baldwin is co-starring as the military contact. I can never get enough of him.
The Bionic Woman - A remake of the great Lindsey Wagner show from the 70's. Co-starring Katte Sackhoff (aka Starback). Let's count, there are now three additional SciFi shows on NBC this fall? How did that happen?
Life - A cop drama with the main detective just having got out of jail after getting acquitted. Sounds interesting but I don't watch too many cop shows.
The Singing Bee - NBC takes on American Idol with a karaoke show. That's all American Idol is anyway.

The good news is Comedy Night Done Right is back in it's entirety.


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