Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Fox Fall Schedule 2007

Fox is getting really in to the split season. When I was a kid, we would get new shows in September and then a smattering of mid-season replacements. Kids these days get a whole new season premier month on January. I'm only going to comment on the stuff starting this fall so The Sarah Conner Chronicles will have to wait.

K-Ville - Are we ready for a show about post-Katrina New Orleans? I say yes.
New Amsterdam - An immortal cop in New York, formerly New Amsterdam and he's been there that long.
Back to You - Frasier is back on TV as an local anchor man fallen from former national status after an on-air breakdown. I want to see the breakdown and that's about it.
Kitchen Nightmares - I'm not sure how this is different from Hell's Kitchen.
The Search for the Next Great Band - since American Idol is only on in the Spring, Simon and Fox needed something to fill the vacant fall schedule and hopefully generate some ratings.
Nashville - I'm confused about this. Is this country music show reality or scripted? No stars are listed so it is either uncast or unscripted.


If Back to You is as good as Frasier I'll watch. I was off and on with Frasier because sometimes they'd get off track, but that really was a pretty good show.
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