Tuesday, May 22, 2007


CW Fall Schedule 2007

With the demise of Veronica (series finale tonight!) the only show I'm left watching on The CW is Smallville. And every year I hope that gets cancelled. No luck this year.

CW Now - It's like 60 Minutes but for the CW demographic. Someone should tell the suits that their demographic either doesn't watch the news of gets it online. And speaking of online...
Online Nation - A show about what's good and funny on the web. VH1 used to call this WebJunk and even they cancelled that.
Life is Wild - A vet moves his family to an African Game reserve. It's a teen drama but the teens will have no one to interact with so were is the fun?
Aliens in America - A family hosts an exchange student and gets a Pakistani.
Reaper - A guy becomes a bounty hunter for Satan because his parent's sold his soul when he was a baby. The killer from Twin Peaks plays Satan.
Gossip Girl - Another teen drama about some elite prep school kids whose life keeps getting documented on the internet by a mysterious blogger named "Gossip Girl". This looks like it could be good. VMVO is the voice of Gossip Girl.


OK, what's up with the CW basically resetting the whole schedule? It reeks of the organizational "not made here" syndrome where groups can't stand working on anything they didn't create.

The shows better be good or there's another network president job position open again.
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