Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Sanjaya, where art thou?

Tonight is the first week without our dear Sanjaya on American Idol. The show will never be the same. He has made this the first season I've watched since the beginning. It wasn't just that he was a laughably bad singer, he was a great performer. Often I would skip through Phil or Lakisha's performance but Sanjaya was always a joy to watch. He played well to the camera and his look was always fantastic. I hope we haven't seen the last of him.

I do find it convenient that the week Simon said "It was funny for a while," was the week Sanjaya got kicked off. The previous week he wasn't even in the bottom three and now he's in last place? I called Shenanigans on American Idol! Maybe a whistle blower will come forward and expose the conspiracy. They should wait until after this week because it is a big charity episode.
Sanjaya returns home to Federal Way this week. Welcome Home, Sanjaya!

I agree and also call Shenanigans. First of all, when was being an American idol (note lowercase i) ever about being good at something? Is Paris Hilton good at anything? Britney Spears? Ryan Seacrest? No!

Sanjaya was more talented and loved than all of these people. I have no problem with him being crowned the American Idol (capital i).

I also hope we see more of him. His voice is not unbearable like William Hung and he is a sweet kid. He should be in some Disney made for TV movie at least!
I am waiting for the Oracle of TV to post about the Apprentice. :)
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