Saturday, April 14, 2007


No One Had the Best Week Ever

I'm always sad when there is no new Best Week Ever. I've figured out the pattern: three new episodes followed by one week break. We have to wait until next Friday to see a new one, so here is a recap of the past few weeks.

On April 6th, Alanis Morisette had the Best Week Ever. Here's her My Humps video. It kicks ass. I've watched it half a dozen times.

It has gotten 5M hits in less than two weeks. The actual Black Eyed Peas video has barely 1M hits and it's been on youtube for over four months.

On March 30th, The Great American Dream Vote had the Best Week Ever. This was a horrible reality show hosted by Donny Osmond. The best thing was the little girl who wanted to be Miss America and buried all the other little girls.

On March 23rd, Phil Spector's Hair had the Best Week Ever. Here's his old hair. He's some sort of music producer or something. He killed someone so he's on trial, allegedly. His new hair is bad, his old hair was hysterical.

When I first saw your post I said, "Oh no! Daniel knows not to post who had the best week ever in the title of an entry!" Then I realize no one had the best week ever because it wasn't on. Bummer.

However, I will be happy to claim best week ever since this was the week I left Microsoft!
Alanis and Matt both rock!

Alanis and Gwen are the two best video performance artists in music today.

I think Matt should do a musical version of dance monkey boy dance, albeit in a more buff and muscular, less sweaty way.
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