Friday, April 13, 2007



If you've stuck around after Best Week Ever for the past few weeks, then you've seen Acceptable TV. Each we they show six short shows. One is user submitted and one is animated. Each week two of the five non-user shows are voted back for a second episode. The same stupid animated show keeps coming back, Mr. Sprinkles. It's just an excuse to be bloody and gory on TV, don't vote for it. My favorite from last week was Kitten Calendar 2. It was better than episode one. My all time favorite was CSI: Cirque du Soleil. Never before have crimes been investigated with such mystery and wonder. It was pretty much a one joke premise so I'm not upset it didn't get a second episode. If we don't get a Kitten Calendar episode 3, it's still worth checking out the first two installments:

So add 30 minutes to your TiVo season pass for Best Week Ever. And skip through the animated one if it's a Mr. Sprinkles show.

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