Tuesday, March 27, 2007


YouTube is Dead

Video may have killed the radio star, but Viacom has killed the video. So by the transitive property, Viacom killed the radio star. Does that logic work? I don't care I just liked saying it. In the past ten days I have received two copyright infringement notices from YouTube on some of my videos I've uploaded. Viacom slapped me for having a Best Week Ever clip up. This is ridiculous since they don't make any money on the clip once it finishes the weekend run. Is it for sale online? Is it available on DVD? Is it even online somewhere for free with ads which they make revenue on? No, no, no. I put it up to show the world how brilliant the show can be and hopefully get more viewers for them. The old saying is true, "no good deed goes unpunished." Also, I wanted to get more awareness for Frangela. They are the funniest thing about BWE these days. We want more Frangela!

Today I got the second copyright infringement notice about the MADtv Grey's Anatomy clip. The strange thing about this is it came from Warner Brothers. That skit is owned by Fox. Very strange. Anyway it's gone too and so I decided to remove all my other clips before they cancelled my account.
It's so sad as all the clips I put up were to generate more viewers to these shows. Maybe NBC or FOX or someone else will break this shame spiral and announce that all their content can be put up on YouTube without fear of getting it removed. It's probably wishful thinking but it could happen.

This is a bit of a sad story , and one, I think that talks about poor leadership, with YouTube getting out front creating expectations that couldn't be met, and backfiring when confronted with an industry that didn't want to morph. It's too bad that people can't see the overwhelming benefit of giving people access to information, and that a comfortable living can be made off of it.

Many ISP's by the way, are now creating YouTube like features that allow people to host their own clips. Of course no one supports copyright infringement.
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