Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Workout Season 2

Tonight is the start of season two of Workout on Bravo. It's the show about the private elite gym on the top floor of an old mid-rise office building in Beverly Hills. Jackie is our star trainer and owner of said health club. Last season she had a horrible girlfriend whom she broke up with at the end of the season. One of the other trainers on the show is hot hunky Doug (pictured). Sadly he died earlier this year. Reports of his death are sketchy at best but apparently he had a brain tumor. So sad.

Workout season one had lots of drama between the trainers as well as Jackie's love life. There were also some inspiring stories of weight loss and training goals among her clients. Don't miss it!

I am not going to miss it, thanks to you!

You are the pied piper of good television. My Tivo is armed and ready.
I watched it last night. I remember singer Jody Watley discussing Doug's passing on MySpace. In addition to being her trainer, Doug was her good friend. It was eerie watching the show knowing that he had passed – he was a stabilizing presence on the first season. He will be missed.
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