Friday, March 16, 2007


No Best Week Ever this week

I'm sad too. But here's a look back at the last few weeks.

On 3-9-6, Frenchie Davis from American Idol had the best week ever. She was kicked off of American Idol for posing on nude websites. The white girl this year wasn't kicked off after her boobies were spotted only. Here's Frenchie singing "I'm Telling You" from Dreamgirls.

On 3-2-6, Girls with Great Personalities had the best week ever. Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar and the fat girls at Delta Zeta got purged. Here's Jennifer Hudson outshining Beyonce at the Oscars.

On 2-24-6, Esther Tognozzi had the best week ever. Who? She's the salon owner where Britney cut off all here hair.

Nice, I like Best Week Ever... Daniel Style.
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