Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Amazing Race: All Stars update

The last two seasons of The Amazing Race were obviously rigged to keep the favorite teams in the game. Last year, the Hippies got every break. In the fall, the West Virginia coal miners kept getting "non-eliminated". I got my faith back this season when Rob and Amber, the most popular team in the history of the show, were eliminated in Argentina. Hooray! I'm so pleased. They were both jerks. I was also overjoyed to the Terri and Ian get the boot. Recently, Mirna and Shmirna have taken first place. The new issue we haven't seen since season one is a huge difference in time. Thanks to the efficient African air service, the last team is over 12 hours behind the first team. This means Mirna and Shmirna left the pitstop before Team Guido arrived. Here's were they rank.
  1. Mirna and Charla - Two weeks in first place. I'm so sick of them and their strange broken English. "I do nails for you?"
  2. Team Cha-Cha-Cha. Danny and Oswald have the best average placing of any other team. They are the only team I'm still rooting for. They would have been first this week if they didn't stop to go shopping at a roadside fruit stand. Just buy the fruit and jump back in your van, don't browse and select.
  3. Uchenna and Joyce. They won once. I'm tired of liking them. Oh, who am I kidding, I could never stop liking them. Go Uchenna and Joyce!
  4. Dustin and Candice. The beauty queens have been less annoying than in past weeks. They still suck.
  5. Eric and Danielle. Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson are getting on my nerves. Why do they keep fighting with the Guidos.
  6. Team Guido. Joe and Bill are the oldest couple left in the race. They really need to learn to wear age appropriate clothing. Yes they have good bodies for fifty-somethings. I still don't want to see them in skin tight Under Armour.
I don't know how Team Guido can pull out of their huge time debt. This Sunday there are running two episodes back to back. I'm thinking the first will be the non-pitstop, pitstop.

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