Monday, February 05, 2007


Sulu Joins Heroes

It's not often I'm stunned when a guest star joins the cast of a show. I read TV Guide and Entertainment weekly and they usually annouce the news far in advance. Plus networks usually promote the guest star to get new viewers. But I was stunned, STUNNED, when Hiro's father showed up last week as the big boss behind the van guys and it was Sulu! Aparently this was reported in the November issue of the Advocate, but somehow I missed this news, probably since I don't read the Advocate anymore. Is Sulu somehow connected with Linderman?

Last week was a big parent episode in other ways too. Claire found her fire-starting mother and it's Nip/Tuck's Gina, the crazy poz sex addict. I love her. Also Officer Matt found out he is going to be a daddy. His storyline has become tiresome.

In addition to Sulu and Gina, they added the Ninth Doctor as the invisible man. How many characters are they going to add this season?

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