Thursday, February 15, 2007


LOST 3.08: Make Your Own Kind of Music

I read in the recent Entertainment Weekly article that the Desmond episode was going to employ a flashback technique they've never used before and will never use again. Last night's flashback was different from all other flashbacks in more than one way. Besides being one continuous sequence instead of scenes interwoven with current events, he was a "reliving" of events instead of just remembering them. I doubt they will have a reason to do either of these storytelling devices again.

We got to hear the great Mama Cass song again from Desmond's first appearance.

Cass Elliot - Cass Elliot: Mama's Big Ones - Make Your Own Kind of Music

What we've learned:

And here are the new questions:

While the episode wasn't as excited as the past few, it was different and it was good. And it wasn't about Jack/Kate/Sawyer so that made it great. Next week the flight attendent returns after living with the others. Fun.


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