Wednesday, February 28, 2007



Episode 13 of Jericho airs tonight. Last week was the actual start of the 2nd half of the season. It was actually a prequel to the pilot where they flashbacked to the hours leading up to the bombs so there was no real continuation of the "real time" events that have occurred so far. Now the dramas escalates with the arrival of Emily's finance and Hawkins' girlfriend. Episode 1.12 was called "The Day Before" an obvious reference to the old 80's TV Movie "The Day After." I watched that recently on the Sci Fi Channel. It was awful but it scared me as a child. Jericho hasn't been a huge break-away success like Ugly Betty or Heroes, but I've been consistently entertained by it. Shows live or die by how interesting the characters are, and this town has a great variety of believable characters that are not too common on TV today and that's why I like it. The good mystery of who is behind the bombs isn't important as having good characters deal with the situation.

You can watch all the episodes this season so far online at

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