Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Cyrus and the Lamb

Veronica Mars has wrapped up the current batch of episodes with the solving of Dean Cyrus O'Dell's murder (spoiler below). The problem with a show whose main storylines revolve around solving murders is that after a while, there's a large body count. In recent weeks during the O'Dell investigation, Mrs. O'Dell, Sheriff Lamb, and Richard Greico were all killed. Concurrently in another storyline, the Hearst College Basketball coach was murdered too. In this mid-size California town that's three well known people among the dead this season. But that's the nature of television.

They laid the seeds of the O'Dell murder all season but it wasn't until last night when I figured it out, mostly by process of elimination. It couldn't be the obvious suspects so whose left, Tim the T.A. When the camera cut to him when Professor SexyHank (pictured) was arrested, I knew he was guilty. Then his line about how "everyone hated the Dean," sealed it for me. I loved the dramatic realization by Veronica in front of her entire criminology class. He was so busted. It's too bad SexyHank killed Mrs. O'Dell also. I want him back next season. Or anywhere near me.

The oddest thing about the show Veronica Mars is their infrequent use of title sequence stars. Usually when you are in the title sequence, you are in every episode. Mac has been totally under used this season. I can't remember the last time I Piz. Finally Parker is getting another storyline. Wallace was only useful when Veronica was investigating the coach's death. It just seems to be all about Veronica, Keith, and Logan.

VM now goes on break of new episodes for a couple months. It will finish it's third season in May with a new mystery in five episodes In the past two seasons they have always given us the satisfaction of closing the case by the end of the season and ended with a good but new cliffhanger. I hope they keep this tradition and close the next mystery before the end.

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