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Episode 13 of Jericho airs tonight. Last week was the actual start of the 2nd half of the season. It was actually a prequel to the pilot where they flashbacked to the hours leading up to the bombs so there was no real continuation of the "real time" events that have occurred so far. Now the dramas escalates with the arrival of Emily's finance and Hawkins' girlfriend. Episode 1.12 was called "The Day Before" an obvious reference to the old 80's TV Movie "The Day After." I watched that recently on the Sci Fi Channel. It was awful but it scared me as a child. Jericho hasn't been a huge break-away success like Ugly Betty or Heroes, but I've been consistently entertained by it. Shows live or die by how interesting the characters are, and this town has a great variety of believable characters that are not too common on TV today and that's why I like it. The good mystery of who is behind the bombs isn't important as having good characters deal with the situation.

You can watch all the episodes this season so far online at


Cyrus and the Lamb

Veronica Mars has wrapped up the current batch of episodes with the solving of Dean Cyrus O'Dell's murder (spoiler below). The problem with a show whose main storylines revolve around solving murders is that after a while, there's a large body count. In recent weeks during the O'Dell investigation, Mrs. O'Dell, Sheriff Lamb, and Richard Greico were all killed. Concurrently in another storyline, the Hearst College Basketball coach was murdered too. In this mid-size California town that's three well known people among the dead this season. But that's the nature of television.

They laid the seeds of the O'Dell murder all season but it wasn't until last night when I figured it out, mostly by process of elimination. It couldn't be the obvious suspects so whose left, Tim the T.A. When the camera cut to him when Professor SexyHank (pictured) was arrested, I knew he was guilty. Then his line about how "everyone hated the Dean," sealed it for me. I loved the dramatic realization by Veronica in front of her entire criminology class. He was so busted. It's too bad SexyHank killed Mrs. O'Dell also. I want him back next season. Or anywhere near me.

The oddest thing about the show Veronica Mars is their infrequent use of title sequence stars. Usually when you are in the title sequence, you are in every episode. Mac has been totally under used this season. I can't remember the last time I Piz. Finally Parker is getting another storyline. Wallace was only useful when Veronica was investigating the coach's death. It just seems to be all about Veronica, Keith, and Logan.

VM now goes on break of new episodes for a couple months. It will finish it's third season in May with a new mystery in five episodes In the past two seasons they have always given us the satisfaction of closing the case by the end of the season and ended with a good but new cliffhanger. I hope they keep this tradition and close the next mystery before the end.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


LOST 3.09: Much Tattoo About Nothing

I've been sitting on this post since last Friday. I couldn't find a good photo to go with it. I finally went online and grabbed this one. Episode 9 was a total Jackisode. Nothing about the beach people. I'm not complaining, it was still a good episode. I love the Others. Now they are heading back to their neat little village. Kate and "James" are heading back to the beach. And Karl's heading to win back his girl. In the end I don't think they answered one question to my satisfaction, much less three as the promo stated.
Here's what we learned.
New Questions:

This week is episode 10. They aren't very far along consider Heroes just had episode 17 last night. We've got lots of meaty stories still to come this season. Also, this is my all time favorite blog post title. I'm so clever.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Heroes 1.16: Someone Flew and Someone Dew

Hmm, the latest promotional catch phase doesn't sound right in the past tense, or maybe it's just that English is weird. So going in to the episode we knew someone was going to die. I hate when I know this because I spend the entire episode waiting for it. Oh, Ando got shot, it's going to be him. Oh, Claire's mom collapsed, it's going to be her. Oh, HRG tazzered The Ninth Doctor, it's going to be him. Oh, Claire's confronting her father, it's going to be him. Oh, Peter is drunk with power and fighting with Isaac, it's going to be him (Isaac). Nope, it's the woman they were fighting over, Simone. She didn't have any powers anyway so she wasn't important. With Hiro sending Ando back to Japan, they got rid of both the non-Hero characters in one episode.

Next week we get to see the battle between Radioactive Ted and Claire. It's going to be cool. There's a bit of a spoiler in this week's TV Guide in the form of some behind the scenes photos. Avoid it if you can.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Amazing Race All-Star edition is finally here, with 11 teams from the most recent season all the way back to the first season. Here's who they got: It's going to be fun to see all the great team competing against each other. I can't wait to see who pulls out ahead and who falls behind. Click here to set your TiVo.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


LOST 3.08: Make Your Own Kind of Music

I read in the recent Entertainment Weekly article that the Desmond episode was going to employ a flashback technique they've never used before and will never use again. Last night's flashback was different from all other flashbacks in more than one way. Besides being one continuous sequence instead of scenes interwoven with current events, he was a "reliving" of events instead of just remembering them. I doubt they will have a reason to do either of these storytelling devices again.

We got to hear the great Mama Cass song again from Desmond's first appearance.

Cass Elliot - Cass Elliot: Mama's Big Ones - Make Your Own Kind of Music

What we've learned:

And here are the new questions:

While the episode wasn't as excited as the past few, it was different and it was good. And it wasn't about Jack/Kate/Sawyer so that made it great. Next week the flight attendent returns after living with the others. Fun.


Sunday, February 11, 2007


Only Fools Are Enslaved By Time and Space

I found this only Someone ran the brainwashing segment from LOST 3.07 backwards and found this quote over and over again, "Only Fools Are Enslaved By Time and Space". It's creepy so be sure you have a pillow to hug when watching.


Best Week Ever 02-09-07

Self Absorbed Celebrities, the mildly interesting kind, had the best week ever. It's lame. I don't care about Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morisette or the feud between Keith Urban the singer and the artist. But I guess that is the point. The best part was Frangela talking about Black History Month. I love them. Here's a clip from the episode which inlcudes that part.

Last week on 02-02-07, Daniel Radcliffe had the best week ever.

And two weeks ago, Old Ladies had the best week ever. The feud between Alexis Carington and Mrs. Garret was the best.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


She Was So Outrageous

Unless you've been living under a rock (and who does that?) you know that Anna Nichole Smith dies this week after colapsing at The Hard Rock Hotel/Casino in Florida. This lead me to ask, "there's a Hard Rock Casino in Florida?" Poor Anna recently lost her son to a drug overdose after the birth of her daughter. If you want to know more about Anna's life, tune in tonight at 8:00 on the Biography channel. They will be running her special. If you check the listings it will show "Judy Garland". She got pre-empted after Ms. Smith's untimely death. I was watching America's Castles on the BIO channel and they said tonight is Anna's show. Here is one of my favorite Anna clip:

Friday, February 09, 2007


The Sarah Silverman Program

Since I've been back from vacation, the one show I've been hearing the most about is the Sarah Silverman Program. I wasn't quite sure what it was. Was it a sitcom? Was it a skit comedy show? Was it a mock reality show? It turns out to be a sit-com. And it's funny. New episodes are on Thursday nights at 10:30. This episode was called "Humanitarian of te Year" which involved a homeless man who ended up on the street becuase his mom was the queefing lunch lady and this made him unstable. They also make gay-bashing funny. Although it could be gay-on-gay violence, it's hard to tell. Irregardless, TiVo the repeat over the weekend and let me know what you think.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


LOST 3.07: We're not quite in Portland

LOST is back, finally. I was unsatisfied with the six episodes they gave us in the fall. It should have been at least eight (or 1/3 of the season). Six was not enough to keep my excitement through the winter break. Plus it was all the Jack-Kate-Sawyer show. At least most of that is over after last night's episode. Kate and Sawyer have escaped the tiny island with Karl and will soon be back at the North Shore camp. Last night gave us the very satisfying tale of how Juliet came to be on the island. This was also the first flashback of an "other". Usually I want less flashback but last night I wanted more, more, more! Hopefully in the future we will see her arrival on the island and some of her history with Ben.

Here's what we leaned:

Here are the new questions:



New Mac Ad

I saw this last night during LOST. It's great. I love me new Mac.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Super Bowl Commercials

I missed the Super Bowl yesterday. I was mid-flight between Florida and Seattle. Luckily YouTube has an entire page with all the super bowl commercials. And you can vote on which one is your favorite. This one is my favorite:

It's just so strange.


Sulu Joins Heroes

It's not often I'm stunned when a guest star joins the cast of a show. I read TV Guide and Entertainment weekly and they usually annouce the news far in advance. Plus networks usually promote the guest star to get new viewers. But I was stunned, STUNNED, when Hiro's father showed up last week as the big boss behind the van guys and it was Sulu! Aparently this was reported in the November issue of the Advocate, but somehow I missed this news, probably since I don't read the Advocate anymore. Is Sulu somehow connected with Linderman?

Last week was a big parent episode in other ways too. Claire found her fire-starting mother and it's Nip/Tuck's Gina, the crazy poz sex addict. I love her. Also Officer Matt found out he is going to be a daddy. His storyline has become tiresome.

In addition to Sulu and Gina, they added the Ninth Doctor as the invisible man. How many characters are they going to add this season?

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