Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I Love New York

So VH1 rolled out their new line-up of celebreality shows this week, including: Shooting Sizemore, Sureal Life Fame Games, White Rapper, and Hogan Knows Best season 3. I'm most interested in I Love New York. This is a "Bachelorette" style dating show with Tiffany "New York" Patterson. She was on both seasons of Flavor of Love. You may remember her as the one who got spit on by ousted contestant Pumpkin. I don't understand why anyone would want to compete over Flavor Flav. He is seriously gross. At least New York is an attractive woman, even if she is completely bat shit crazy. In the first episode we met all of her male suitors, including "Romance" the crazy dog guy, "Rico" in hot but inappropriate Latin lover, "Mr. Boston" the boring accountant, and "Chance" the gansta. There are lots of great guys for New York, but it's clear she likes Chance. New York's mother was visiting for the first episode and she and Chance had a huge blow-out. She insisted that he leave. So of course, New York picks him to stay. It's clear she will always go after the wrong guy. Also along for this train wreck is her way-to-gay assistant Chamo.

Do you have love for New York?

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