Friday, January 05, 2007


The Apprentice: L.A.

I think The Apprentice has officially jumped the shark. The show has moved to L.A. and to Sunday nights. The Donald's ego trip is hopefully coming to an end. He totally ruined the franchise last year when he had three Apprentice shows in one season, two running concurrently in the fall. He blamed his failure on Martha, but it was all his mismanagement that lead the the failure of her show. Other than Martha, he's fired two other women from his show who were becoming celebrities. In 2005 he fired his long-time assistant Robin because she was becoming "a prima donna". Last summer he fired Carolyn from the show and the golf courses she ran. It's obvious that if he is not the sole center of attention, he will have a tantrum. I say we all start "I Love Ivanka" websites and see how long it takes him to fire his own daughter. I have no respect for Donald anymore.

Now then there's his whole Rosie feud. I lost all respect for Rosie in 1999 when she got all outspoken about violence with Tom Seleck and then the same month appeared on Ally McBeal in yet another storyline where Ally solved her problem with violence. I can't deal with hypocritical people. With that being said, I still think Donald was a jerk for calling her a slob. He should stick to facts and skip the personal attacks. Are they in sixth grade? Even though I don't have any respect for either of them, I still think Rosie is a talented comedienne who always makes me laugh. She should just skip the commentary on current events.

P.S. I Love Ivanka!

I think you called this one before the show even started. I'm afraid this one has jumped the shark. The whole thing really bordered on humiliation of the candidates. It was hard to watch at the end. I think the Donald redeemed himself at the very end when he took on the wise-man posturing.

Oh wise TV one, what show must I replace this one with to have something to look forward to on TV every week?
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