Monday, December 11, 2006


The Year Without Santa Claus

Of all the old Claymation Christmas specials from my childhood, The Year Without Santa Claus was always my favorite. My brother used to call me Heat Miser becuase I had read hair. He looked not unlike Snow Miser since he was tall and skinny. We never had snow in Thousand Oaks so the story of a couple elves trying to bring a White Christmas to Southtown also appealled to me. The animated version is on Friday on ABC Family but tonight on NBC is a live action remake. I haven't heard if it follows the orginal story or not. Somehow I'm not hopeful. The photo in TV Guide shows a fat Santa, but in the original Santa was skinny and trying to put on the weight becuase, "No one wants a skinny Santa!"

My favorite Christmas show is "Twas the Night Before Christmas." South Park did a parody of it a few years ago in the episode where they showed scenes of the 1st South Park short. It has lots of songs and follows the story of the Visit from St. Nicolas poem. In it, this intellectual mouse who doesn't believe in Santa almost gets his town skipped by Santa.

I think the skinny Santa part was from "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," but I've never watched "The Year W/O a Santa" all the way through before.
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