Tuesday, December 05, 2006


My Friends TV Shows

This year I've picked up two mature shows because my friends have talked about them so often. The first is How I Met Your Mother. It's a funny show with a good ensemble. My friends Sean and Lorna both love this show, along with all the other CBS Monday comedies. I can't commit to 2.5 Men since it will conflict with 24 come January. I'm also giving The Class a try. That's got lots and lots of characters. It will take a few more episodes to figure them all out.

The other show is Gilmore Girls, which is on tonight. This has been one of my friend Matt's favorite shows for years. This show is very funny. I can't believe it took me to it's eighth season to find this one. I'll be NetFlix'ing the past seasons here someday.

Two words: Sally Struthers.
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