Wednesday, December 20, 2006



Last year during the week before Christmas, NBC had a "week long event" where they introduced Deal or No Deal. It's a stupid show no one should ever watch. And if you must watch it, turn the TV to mute you will enjoy the show more and not miss a thing. The show became a huge hit for some reason. This year they are hoping for a second hit with Identity. Twelve people are on stage and twelve professions or trait are listed. The contestant must pick who is who. The show comes down to stereotypes and assumptions but it is still fun. On Monday they had special celebrity guest Eve "Jan Brady" Plum. Her "Identity" was that she was a painter. I'm not sure if it is houses or portraits.

the show is okay... kinda slow overall, but then I've also been a fan of Penn and it's cool to see him, though I wish he'd sometime does tricks between guesses.
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